The Beautiful Work of Ratinan Thaijareorn
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“Ratinan Thaijareorn A.K.A.”ISE” was born and raised in Bangkok,Thailand. She loves painting as her best friend and also love to draw fashion style female figure. She got her degree in visual communication art & design from Rangsit University. Now she work on illustrate field,freelance and open a clothing shop name Weisschwarz” [Source: abduzeedo]

80 Funny and Realistic Photo Manipulations
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Photoshop is fun to use because we can combine certain elements to create an unique concept, that can look convincing to even the most experienced set of eyes. You can get as creative with your photo manipulation works since the aim is to achieve a realistic view of an unreal picture. Here are the best

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The Jakarta Post: Stairs
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“Saving Ocean Saves You” Advertising Agency : Publicis, Indonesia [Source: I Believe in Advertising]

Dubai’s Technosphere Concept
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Granted, the resemblance to Spaceship Earth might be unavoidable when the Technosphere is meant to represent the state of Earth’s ecosystem, now and in the future. But considering that everything in the building will be solar-powered with minimal waste due to water recycling, it’s definitely a few steps ahead of the real thing though. [Source:

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