Vector Artwork: 50+ Inspirational Creations
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Vector artwork has always intrigued me. When executed correctly, these creations can be simply stunning. In this post, I have assembled an amazing collection of vector artwork design which will truly inspire you. Each artist showcased has their own unique vector style.  Hopefully one of these creations will inspire you to create your own amazing design. Enjoy! [Source: DesignRfix]

30 Clever Coaster Designs
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Ever come across a really cool coaster and wonder, “Am I drunk or is this coaster really cool?” Well here is your sober chance to take a look at some clever and creative coaster inspiration. We’ve rounded up 30 coasters that would definitely liven up any bar top or table. [Source: Youthedesigner]

25 Astonishing Photographs Of Rainbow
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Rainbow is an optical phenomena which we see in nature mostly. We all know how a rainbow is formed but still watching a rainbow is a beautiful sight and no doubt it’s one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. [Source: Smashapps]

22 Creative Ads You May Not Have Seen Before
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Many ads are posted over and over again on blogs, but hopefully this is the first time you’ve seen most of these ads. Many of these make innovative use of the environment. [Source: GraphicFetish]

Mavizen’s 130 mph Electric Motorcycle
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Mavizen’s TTX02 electric motorcycle is being dubbed as “a laptop on wheels”. A really, really fast laptop on wheels. Besides it’s impressive top speed, the interesting thing about the bike is that it features a dedicated IP address, on-board web server, WiFi and Linux. [Source: GizModo]