Whopping Collection of 600+ Light Effect Photoshop Brushes
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You could of course create your own lighting effects – but for those of us that are a little more time restricted, there are hundreds of free brushes out there. This post compiles a whopping collection of over 600 light effect Photoshop brushes! [Source: spyrestudios]

35 Most Beautiful HDR Photos to Blow Your Mind
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HDR or high dynamic range photography is technique in which light and dark areas are used to illuminate the subject and highlight it. HDR technique allows to more accurately represent the wide range of exposure than normal digital imaging techniques. [Source: graphicalerts]

Yulia Brodskaya – The Beauty of PaperGraphic
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Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian graphic designer, living in England since 2004, interested in typography, paper, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects.Somehow she manages to combine these 3 arts in her stunning works and create a new type of art,that she called, PaperGraphic. These works are extremely complex and all hand-made with paper and other

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Toyota FT-86G Concept GT5
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The Tokyo Auto Salon is underway, and the most interesting concept to come out of it so far is the new Toyota FT-86 G-Sports Concept, a reference vehicle for a new line of accessories from Toyota’s Japanese motorsports partner Gazoo Racing. [Source: MotorAuthority]

Mao Bao Dishwashing Liquid: Spoons
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“Mao Bao liquid dishwash with dahlia essence.” Advertising Agency: Bates 141, Taiwan [Source: I Believe in Advertising]

Samsung NFL “In It”
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NFL Players break out of Samsung LED televisions with a fusion of live-action and illustration, intensifying football action for viewers.