50 most Breathtaking examples of Landscape Photography
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Some of us dream to travel around the world, to visit places that are so exotic and we are ready to give up anything we want. There are certain places on earth which transcend beauty as we know it. I’ve known some friends who have taken this journey to follow their dreams and trust me,

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60+ Hot New Tutorials From Around The Web
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Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful tutorials from around the web from the month of March. You’ll find everything from a sweet chocolate-coated text effect in photoshop, to creating

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GKASTER 2010 Reel
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New work and reel from CG Artist, Pierre Magnol aka Gkaster.

What If Oscars Were Given To Movie Websites?
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Most modern movie websites are built in Flash, even when it’s totally unjustified. The websites often lack usability standards and require users to click through splash pages and introductions in order to access content. They have the luxury of being able to neglect common principles and standards because they garner attention merely by their association

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Laterooms “Bubble”
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London-based production company Not To Scale and director Ubik mustered their talents for agency BMB and discount hotel booking service LateRooms.com in “Bubbles.” The :30 advert presents the world’s vacation destinations as microcosmic scenes contained in bubbles that drift lazily through a sun-drenched kitchen. [Source: MotionOgrapher]

FedEx: Neighbors
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Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil [Source: I Believe in Advertising]