40 Tasty Restaurant Websites to Inspire You
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Restaurant websites are a great place to find inspiring designs and also to check out some nice ways of displaying photographs within a design. Since the main content of a restaurant is their food – or at least it should be – there is no better thing to do than show beautiful images of the

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28 Beautiful uses of Water in Design
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Adding a touch of nature to your designs can go along way.  Determining your element may be tricky, but once you find the perfect choice for your particular project, you can use it as a theme for your piece.  Our choice today just happens to be water.  In this post I will share with you

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Flash site: Swedish Snus
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Why Swedes rarely smoke? They use Swedish snus instead – a smokeless tobacco that comes in little pouches that you put under your upper lip. This site tells you more about the product that has been around for 160+ years.

Tropical Escape: Modern Home in Singapore
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A dreamy tropical escape! This home in Singapore does an exceptional job of blending the outdoor and indoor spaces — including the wrap-around pool! Made of wood, steel, and glass, glass, and more glass, the Fish House is an environmentally-friendly waterfront home. [Source: GizModo]