Web Design Inspiration: 44 Eye-Catching Slideshows
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This next post on 44 Eye-Catching Slideshows has been compiled to inspire you with the effectiveness and benefits that you can achieve when applied in web design. Based on this list of websites, slideshows are mostly effective on homepage… Feel free to view the sources from which the images came from… Who knows, it may

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Best 3D Cartoon Characters
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The 3D technology or three-dimensional graphics has rushed into a modern visual art a few decades ago and has already evolved into a stand-alone industry, which sets new standards not only in engineering and computer modeling, but in entertainment as well. Cartoon production is one of the fields where 3D graphics is actively used these

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Montage from Cartoon Network’s 2010
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Brand New School creates an awesome look in their Cartoon Network Rebrand.

50 Tremendous Grunge Wallpapers For Your Desktop
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Although grunge is associated with something unclean, dirty or tainted, it also stands for a special theme which mostly focuses on making crooked, asymmetrical, irregular, uneven or worn-and-torn visual elements which are stilll beautiful and pleasant to see. You may find thousands of grunge wallpapers, but in this post we have tried to collected best

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Spaceman Stu
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Kompost just finished Mc Donalds “Spaceman Stu” for Leo Burnett via Duck Studios.