Maui 8/26-8/30
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Going to Maui for the next 5 days so I won’t update my blog until then. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will be back next Tuesday and post more inspirations for yall~

Landscape and Scenery Illustrations
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Once Terry Tempest, an American writer and naturalist with pretty conservative believes, said: “Landspace shapes culture”. Indeed, landscapes have always occupied a special place among different forms of visual art. Maybe, this is because a landscape or scenery gives painters, and now digital artists, enough space to recreate the whole atmosphere of a particular place

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Cadbury’s Tumbles: The Tumble Machine
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The commercial titled The Tumble Machine was done by Promise advertising agency for CADBURY’S (CADBURY’S company) in South Africa.

UPS “Visualizing Speed”
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How exactly does one visualize speed? Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Jakarta placed these “speedy” installations around town, which give the illusion that the UPS delivery man is traveling so fast, you can barely see his blurry figure. The campaign is not only creative, it’s extremely effective. [Source: MMT]

Sketchy Duel
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One man challenges another rather more reluctant man to a duel in this funny animation. The loser will die in an instant, from one swift shot. Or not… Produced by

Flash site: Twist – Choisis la dimension de ta vie!
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Twist is the smallest Blood Clucose Meter in the world. With Salah, the biggest popper, enjoy a journey through many dimensions.