BMW “The Story of 3”
7 years ago 0 0 237

Few cars have had an impact on the market and culture like the BMW 3 Series. What they started in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis carries through today as an epic legacy of engineering and design. Blah blah blah, this doesn’t really mean anything until you get a chance to see and hear

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Showcase Of Appetizing Restaurant Websites
7 years ago 0 0 369

They say the first bite is taken with the eye. If so, these appetizing restaurant websites succeed in whetting our appetites, inviting us to a savoury next bite. In these designs, color scheme and introductory copy show vastly different aspects of the restaurant experience. Moody warm tones create atmosphere, vibrant greens underscore freshness, and earthy

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Fresh Air
7 years ago 0 0 178

This summer, CAN brings you a brand new public service announcement featuring popular Hong Kong movie star, Daniel Wu. The video is an ironic 1980s-style infomercial flogging a fake brand of canned air called “Fresh Air.”

ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi)
7 years ago 0 0 245

“Connecting the city.” Advertising Agency: DDB, Milan, Italy [Source: Ads of the World]

Pokerstars “The Mill”
7 years ago 0 0 205

The Mill visualizes data in the studios latest spot for Pokerstars by designlenta. 

Flash site: Champagne Perrier Jouet
7 years ago 0 0 742

New website for the prestigious & extravagant french champagne brand. Animated random transitions in video and illustration which display the brand universe before accessing to contents.