Creative Poster Arts
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Bright and inviting, these posters do not only fulfill their primary task, such as announcing some event and inviting people to visit it, but they also carry a significant esthetic load, making people stop by and contemplate a particular poster, which is often not only an example of contemporary advertising media, but art piece as

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PSD Files: Free High Quality Photoshop Files (Part1)
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Photoshop PSD files can be very useful and save you lots of time with your design projects, as I previously stated in my other post about PSD files titled: Photoshop PSD files: Free files for you to download. In this post you will find an amazing collection of free high quality PSD files such as

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The Ultimate Round-Up of iPad Wallpapers
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Everybody is talking about the iPad. We see more creative applications designed for the iPad, and we see more magazines and publishers experimenting with the new medium. Also, we see more users interacting with the tablet, and integrating it in their daily routine. And because you may be spending more time with your iPad, you

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FIFA 11 Official Trailer
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Here the trailer card of new the FIFA 2011 of the Electronic Arts editor. It is about Gameplay Trailer of the saga produced by Goldtooth Creative and directed by Pablo Gonzalez and Ian Fenton. The launching of the play is planned for October 1, 2010. [Source: fubiz]

Mysterious Photo Illustrations
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Sergey is a Russian photo illustrator with amazing styles. Each piece is very intriguing to the eyes as you try to understand the mystery behind the image. Sergey claims that his works are not like the pros because he doesn’t spend a lot of time in each piece and he experiments a lot and that’s

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Playstation Move
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A delirious publicity for the new product of Sony, the lever of detection of movements PlayStation Move. A communication on the tone of humour thanks to the presence of Kevin Butler, the imaginary VP of the group. [Source: fubiz]

Mazda Shinari “Kodo” Design Concept
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Looking an awful lot like the Tesla Model S crossed with Infiniti’s Essence Concept, the Mazda Shinari might not be entirely unique, but it’s certainly attractive. Today Mazda¬† released the full official details on the “Kodo” design thesis to be unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, along with a sheaf of new photos. [Source:

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