Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: November 2010
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“Some watercolor, inspiration and good mood!” Designed by Oxana Kostromina from Poland/Russia. [Source: smashingmagazine]

Get Inspired by 45 Good Looking Slideshows in Web Design
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The use of sliders in web design has become more and more popular and is definitely a trend these days. Everyone has a faster connection, better browsers and better software compared to just a few years back. This has allowed web designers to use more fancy looking elements in their designs. [Source: onextrapixel]

Malika Favre
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Discovered elegant work and drawings of the French graphic designer Malika Favre, based in London. It belongs to the portfolio and the Airside illustrators since the years 2000. [Source: Fubiz]

Chevron “Longshot”
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You think kids are daydreaming about videogames or that girl in math class but sometimes they’re thinking about ascending parabolas and Aeolian processes. The Wills wore matching plaid golf outfits for the shoot and insisted on yelling “Four!” instead of “Action” when ready for the shot.

Flash site: Sony Internet TV
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The Sony Internet TV with Google TV showcase provides key details and features of the new TV through video Q&A, Tweets and a gallery of product imagery all in a playful, tilt-shift world.