2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony
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Earlier today, in Guangzhou, China, the Opening Ceremony for the 16th Asian Games took place, with lavish stagecraft, costumes, fireworks and performers welcoming participants. Some 14,000 athletes from 45 countries and territories will compete in 42 sporting disciplines until November 27. Collected here are colorful scenes from Guangzhou, China. [Source: boston]

Beautiful Bursts of Light
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On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing quite like seeing the sun burst through the clouds. Not only does the temperature get a little warmer, the bright orange rays provide such a beautiful scene. It’s days like this when it’s nice to be outside, enjoying the gifts of nature. Zsolt Zsigmond took these gorgeous shots

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Telecine Rebrand
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Client: Rede Telecine Direction: BEELD Production and animation: Eduardo Tosto, Greco Bernardi, Luiz Maggessi, Marcelo Mourão, Papito e Filippo Johansson Music: Digitalism – Idealistic (Marcelo Mourão Remix)

Amazing High Resolution Wallpapers
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As the previous post of amazing wallpapers, this is a great collection Amazing high resolution wallpapers, improve your creativity, and prettify your screen. [Source: mameara]

New Era XC
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To celebrate its 90ème birthday, the mark New Era decided to give freehand to 90 European artists in order to express their creativity on the support of the famous cap. [Source: fubiz]

Flash site: DoTheRightClick
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We are a thinking, design & development collective based in Madrid. Dodo is our website, it’s thought as our new digital member. It has its own states of mind and its own personality. Be sweet if you visit it.