30 Breathtaking Infrared Photos
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Infrared photographs are images taken with film or image sensors sensitive to infrared light and the result of that is simply breath taking. With this film/sensor sensitive to infrared light, the camera captures light that is invisible to our eyes, creating really beautiful contrast and colors. [Source: onextrapixel]

HTC Sensation – Reveal
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Introducing HTC Sensation, a multimedia superphone — featuring premium unibody aluminum design with true widescreen qHD display, rich high-fidelity audio, advanced entertainment capabilities with HTC Watch, full HD video recording, instant capture camera and an immersive HTC Sense experience that sets a new multimedia high for smartphones.

Nissan LEAF: The Value of Zero
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The 100% electric Nissan LEAF shows us the true value of zero through a series of thought provoking images that celebrate the world around us.

The Rhythm of Spacetime
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Motion designer Dilshan Arukatti based in Paris shows us all his talent in this video realized for The Bullit Agency, specialized in the booking of DJs recognized. Putting in scene the rate/rhythm of the space time on our planet. [Source: fubiz]