Spectro Cloud

Branding  |  Creative Direction

Strategically directing product UI and driving the brand vision and execution.


Provide creative direction within product and marketing teams. Facilitate a cohesive execution of creative materials across all mediums.

Client Name

Spectro Cloud

Project duration

6 months

GA Release Date

Q3 2020


It all starts with a solid logo which ignites this startup from starting point. Pairing it with style guide gives rough idea where our brand is heading. Once branding direction gets approved by management, it’s time for design system.


All components are created with cohesive styling elements such as rounded corners, movement, drop shadow, etc. It helps users recognize our brand identity and give them a sense of trustworthiness.

Style Guide

Style guide establishes visual direction in detail. It also defines the foundation of our design system.

Product UI

The most challenging part of designing SaaS UI is to create brand-new pattern for unique requirement.  Since there is not much inspiration out there; I must be creative on UI direction and work closely with engineers for implementation.

Web Design

Leading the visual direction by defining overall layout, typography, color, and motion. The goal is to welcome potential clients with inviting environment and guiding them to learn about the product.




Geometric sans serif typefaces have been a popular design tool ever since these actors took to the world’s stage. Poppins is one of the new comers to this long tradition. 

Tshirt Design

Everyone loves FREE tshirts! We design our own tshirts to promote brand awareness and gifts for early clients. 

Tribute for Kobe

Memorizing Kobe’s contribution to NBA by displaying his key stats front and back based on his 2 jersey numbers: 8 and 24, respectively.

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