A Stylistic Survey of Graphic Design
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An array of aesthetic advancement, this rigorously researched and hand-illustrated diagram documents the progression of Graphic Design from the Victorian era into the modern digital age. Each memorable style of graphic expression is delineated here by its respective design elements and corralled into movements tracing back nearly 200 years. From the finials and fronds of

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Emojify the Web
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The Chrome team is excited to announce Google Translate support for Emoji built directly into Chrome for Android and iOS. You can now read all your favorite web content using efficient and emotive illustrations on your phone and tablet.

20 Amazing Examples of Typography Sketches for Your Inspiration
5 years ago 0 0 7209

Sketching means a lot for graphic designers, even if the final design is supposed to be placed on the web. Most of creatives prefer to spend hours with pencil before translating the design into reality with editing software. Even a typeface starts with a tiny sketch, in fact, every great type starts with a single

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Coca-Cola Social Media Guard
5 years ago 0 0 4521

The Social Media Guard takes the “social” out of media and puts it back into your life. Did you know that the world spends 4 millions years online every month? If you’re watching this video on your mobile phone, it’s time to put it down. Look around you, there is probably someone special you can

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A New Car UI
5 years ago 1 0 4278

Several automotive companies have begun replacing traditional controls in their cars with touch screens. Unfortunately, their eagerness to set new trends in hardware, is not matched by their ambition to create innovative software experiences for these new input mechanisms. Instead of embracing new constraints and opportunities, they merely replicate old button layouts and shapes on

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DHL Prank
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The dramatic increase of online shopping has fanned the flames of competition between shipping companies. Which is why, using thermal-activated ink, DHL figured the best way to advertise just how fast and efficient its shipping services are was to trick its competitors into doing it for them.

35+ inspiring quotes for designers
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When it’s going well, design is a pleasure. But we all know what it’s like to experience a bad day: nothing works the way it should, colors clash, type mumbles, the message is lost altogether. It’s worth remembering that everyone has their bad days. Here are some of the most inspirational quotes we’ve found online

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40 Web Designs with Beautiful Creative Typography
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As one of the core design principles, typography can really make or break a website design. Despite recent advances in web type technology we’re still fairly limited when it comes to creative typography layouts, meaning image replacement techniques are still common, but these days we have massive choice when it comes to selecting fonts for

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20 Automotive Web Designs All Gearheads Should See
5 years ago 0 0 2872

Today’s web design showcase is for all you designers who share a passion with both the web industry and cars & motorbikes. Websites from the automotive industry are typically amongst the ugliest out there with interface designs straight from the late 90s. There are some hidden gems to be enjoyed though, such as these 20

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Best Free PSDs of 2013
5 years ago 0 0 2921

We started our “Best of 2013″ series with the Best Free Fonts of 2013. For this week, we’ve went back through all the UI PSDs that we’ve covered over the past year and picked the ones that really stand out. Because there are so many very good ones to sift through, it’s always a difficult

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Web Design Trends for 2014
5 years ago 0 0 3094

The start of a new year is always an exciting time for businesses to look ahead and wonder what the coming year will bring. There are a lot of changes in store in 2014, especially for people who work in technology and web design. 2013 saw a slew of new trends, some of which have

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12 inspirational hand-lettering projects

When it comes to lettering, there’s something about a handmade project that just stops us in our tracks. In this day and age, with so many beautiful fonts accessible to us at just the press of a button, the fact that there are still amazing designers willing to go above and beyond the norm and

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Inspiring Examples of Negative Space in Logos
6 years ago 0 0 1960

When properly applied, the negative space effect can result in a clever and elegant logo. Negative space is the empty space between the main elements of a design and good designers know how to take advantage of this to create something that is memorable and captures the imagination. So, today we gathered some inspiring examples

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Stunning Smithsonian Photo Contest Finalists
6 years ago 0 0 2568

Smithsonian Magazine has just announced the (absolutely incredible) finalists in what is now their 10th annual photography contest. Here are some of our favorites; they’ll take your breath away. via: gizmodo

20 Things That Happened on the Internet in 2012
6 years ago 0 0 2568

One internet year, one illustration, 20 things: can you spot them all? To help you along, clues are shown from 2 Feb.  Win Tweet this page with the hashtag #20things and you could win a limited edition poster signed by illustrator Niark1. via: syzygy

Mesmerizing Mixed Artworks by Shintaro Ohata
6 years ago 0 0 1483

Some artists got that kind of talent that transports us to a world of complete awe, making us not believe that someone would be so much talented like that. That’s exactly the case of Shintaro Ohata, an artist from Hiroshima. via: abduzeedo

Huge Bear Surprises Crew on EcoBubble Photo Shoot in BC
6 years ago 0 0 2569

Check out what happened to this crew on a photoshoot for the EcoBubble washing machine. They were near Manning Park, BC.

Voile Noir
6 years ago 0 0 3017

Allan and Yvan, two pilots, go on a mission to try to end the chaotic current polity…

24 Places That Look Not Normal, But Are Actually Real
6 years ago 0 0 2526

The title says it all via: myscienceacademy

Jaw-Dropping Pictures of Iceland
6 years ago 0 0 3160

Don’t forget to check out the video at the end! via: abduzeedo