Flash site: Zahia
8 years ago 0 0 931

Zahia Dehar official web site, Zahia By, the photos and videos by artists including Nick and Chloe, Pierre et Gilles, Sebastian Faena, and more..

Flash site: VW “True Life Costs”
8 years ago 0 0 1000

microsite for volkswagen and tribal ddb. ‘true life costs’ forms part of the ongoing ‘unbelievable value’ campaign and asks people to evaluate how their various consumer purchases add up over a lifetime. by travelling into a miniature town and interacting with a series of charming stop motion animations, users can create a ‘total life cost

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Flash site: Kakarod Interactive
8 years ago 0 0 628

Delicious sweets like candy, or have anyone to want to eat and the concept of emotions make packaged.

Flash site: DoTheRightClick
8 years ago 0 0 643

We are a thinking, design & development collective based in Madrid. Dodo is our website, it’s thought as our new digital member. It has its own states of mind and its own personality. Be sweet if you visit it.

Flash site: Nature Needs Heros
8 years ago 0 0 674

Explore the new Timberland Earthkeepers Fall 10 Digital Experience frozen in time and in 3D!

Flash site: Sony Internet TV
8 years ago 0 0 662

The Sony Internet TV with Google TV showcase provides key details and features of the new TV through video Q&A, Tweets and a gallery of product imagery all in a playful, tilt-shift world.

Flash site: Achieve What’s Ahead
8 years ago 0 0 636

Firstborn and Rodgers Townsend showcase all The Hartford has to offer with a flash-based vido journey.

Flash site: Black Thinking
8 years ago 0 0 642

Users of Blackthinking can travel to an amazing 3D universe. Select a character, interact with other funny characters, play different games, watch cool videos and even send your own designs for Blackthinking.

Flash site: Exposition Monet 2010
8 years ago 0 0 1205

An interactive experience celebrating Claude Monet for the historic exhibition at Grand Palais, Paris.

Flash site: Paul Frank “Planned Pines”
8 years ago 0 0 1658

Paul Frank’s Julius invites you to explore, ecreate and play inside the wonderful world of Planned Pines. Meet the characters, conquer Whack-A-Mole, customize your very own Julius and more!

Flash site: Superduper
8 years ago 0 0 650

Superduper is an online portfolio of Kasper Gantzhorn –  a flash developer & interactive designer living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Flash site: Lexus IS
8 years ago 0 0 659

The 2010 IS series has arrived. Come along to private air strip and explore live action demos filmed on location showcasing the impressive capabilities and features of the Lexus IS series.

Flash site: Adobe Museum
8 years ago 0 0 582

Welcome to the first digital museum, Adobe has now opened their virtual doors. Showcasing the best of digital media, Adobe has created a place that only lives online called Adobe Museum of Digital Media. Their first exhibit, called Valley, is by Tony Oursler, an American multimedia and installation artist. Seventeen areas form a virtual flowchart

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Flash site: The Dashboard
8 years ago 0 0 808

Recently launched for UrbanDaddy, The Dashboard provides a real-time look at nightlife with crucial indicators such as the overall “heat” of the city, what bouncers are at the door and what the crowds are like.

Flash site: Tabio Slide Show
8 years ago 0 0 970

The Japanese sock brand Tabio brings you a web content and an iPad App which you can enjoy by “sliding”. You will encounter legwear in a variety of styles which can be purchased directly via the content.

Flash site: Satorisan
8 years ago 0 0 634

Fashion brand Satorisan is born and with it 27 unnamed sneakers. Enjoy the Satorisan Sneaker Trip by giving these sneakers a name and use twitter to make a personalized animated experience.

Flash site: Costumize Me
8 years ago 0 0 603

Costumize.me is an interactive website with game elements where boring online shopping becomes a fun experience. Make your holiday or any usual day – special. Costumize yourself!

Flash site: Sony Bravia 3D HDTV
8 years ago 0 0 641

Sony’s BRAVIA HDTV with 3D takes visitors into the fictional and fantastic Sony Innovation Center. Here we see Sony engineers working alongside celebrities to bring Sony’s new BRAVIA HDTV with 3D features to life.

Flash site: Thierry Mugler
8 years ago 0 0 627

Thierry Mugler’s new site reinvents luxury and offer new visitors and devoted customers an unique, interactive experience, with highly original content.

Flash site: 2099
8 years ago 0 0 563

Challenge friends to obstacle-laden tracks in this real-time multiplayer racing game crated for Liberty Mutual by Hill Holiday and RED Interactive Agency.