Effective Photo Retouching and CGI by Happy Finish
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They handle project from large corporations to individual photographes with a impressive team of retouchers and CGI artists. Their portfolio is really impressive, with big names such as Vogue, Dazed, Esquire, Sony, Canon,TWA and others. For more information visit Happy Finish’s website. and be prepared to spend some time, it’s worth it. [Source: abduzeedo]

100 Kickass Photo Manipulation Art Examples
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“Photo Manipulation” is an art, a combination of photography and graphic design. This art has been used for improved story-telling and self-expression. Blending and mixing a bunch of different photos and creating one kickass photo from it is not an easy task. This require some great skills. [Source: SmashingShare]

Giant People: 15 Amusing Photoshopped Pictures
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Worth1000 hold a photo effect contest entitled “Exaggeration City” All images here done thru photo effect techniques in order to create an illusion of a super-giantize people or animals in a city, town or urban setting. [Source: Pixzil]

50+ Fresh New Tutorials From Around The Web
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Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, you’ll find everything from old style typography sign in photoshop, to designing a love wallpaper for your desktop. [Source: DesignRfix]

16 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Photographers
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This collection will help photographer to create more influential and impressive photos by using photo editing feature of photoshop. Just have a look at these photoshop photo effect and next time do consider editing your photos to create more electrifying results before making them live. [Source: WebDesignCore]

80+ Photo Manipulations Art to Ignite Your Creativity
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This presentation shows an incredible collection of photo manipulation art related to nature, photography, objects, illustrations, HDR as well as some abstract and fantasy-related concepts. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting to ignite their creativity. [Source: InstantShift]

80 Funny and Realistic Photo Manipulations
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Photoshop is fun to use because we can combine certain elements to create an unique concept, that can look convincing to even the most experienced set of eyes. You can get as creative with your photo manipulation works since the aim is to achieve a realistic view of an unreal picture. Here are the best

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Web Layout Designs: 60 Must Have Tutorials
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An amazing collection of high quality web layout tutorials that you will definitely benefit from. In this post, you’ll find everything from creating a clean, colorful web layout to designing an amazing 3d hosting layout in Photoshop. Enjoy! [Source: DesignRfix]

Ultimate Collection of Fire Effect Tutorials, Brushes and Textures
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Fire is one of the four classical elements in nature. It is commonly associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion. Aside from its daily role in our lives, fire is also used as a special effect either in movies or in images, making them more realistic and artistic. Ever wonder how designers create

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How to Create a Traditional Chinese Ink Painting
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Try a breath of ancient Chinese art and culture! With these simple intuitive steps of manipulations, you will learn how to create an original traditional style Chinese painting, which has an archaic charm just beyond your photo. Even with these basic Photoshop skills, you can quickly find a path to make a beautiful fairyland. [Source:

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Super Cool Watercolor Effect in 10 steps in Photoshop
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10 easy steps in Photoshop then you could achieve the watercolor effect like the image above! [Source: abduzeedo]

Photoshop Tutorials: Compilation of some stunning text effects
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Topics like how to create eroded metal text and 3D text shatter effect are just a few of the tutorials that are featured. These Photoshop tutorials will arm you with all the latest techniques to help you in your design creations. So why not check them out so you can show off your latest text

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Photoshop Your Vision
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Akin to Photoshopping the images to suit your requirements, the VIU Contact Lens blurs out the stark realities of life that you don’t want to see. Transforming your vision to suit your preferences, it can obscure and twist the realities of a stinky dumpster down your alley or block out that offensive Ad on the

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200+ Extremely Free Halftone Adobe Photoshop Brushes
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There are different kinds of Adobe Photoshop Brushes on the web that you can use for free. That’s why starting today, we will feature High Quality Photoshop Brushes and categorize them on their respective style. This post is a collection of Halftone Brushes made by some passionate designers and photoshop lovers. If your have projects

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Ultimate Collection of Smoke Effects
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This post is a collection of Smoke Effect Tutorials, Photoshop Brushes and Textures. Learn how you can create a smoke effect scene and download Photoshop Brushes and Textures for free. [Source: NaldzGraphics]

Stunning Smoke Effects: 42 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes
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Creating realistic-looking smoke in Photoshop can be tough to do. There are several ways to achieve a smoky look but most involve the use of the liquify tool, third-party plug-ins, or some creative photo manipulation. Either way, achieving a smoky effect can take a considerable amount of time. That’s why I decided to create a

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30+ Useful Photoshop Custom Shapes Set
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This post is a showcase of 30+ Useful Custom Photoshop Shape Set. These custom shapes are free to use. [Source: naldzgraphics]

19 Awesome Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials
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Another great collection of photoshop text effect tutorials.

10 Awesome Free Photoshop Brushes
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A good set of brushes can be the big difference when creating a image, that’s why I selected 10 awesome brush sets that will take you one level up. Download them all and have a huge resource on your photoshop to help you improve even more, check them out. [Source: abduzeedo]

18 Absolutely Stylish Designs Using Photoshop Brushes and How to’s
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To really show off just how well Photoshop brushes could be used in web design, I have selected 18 amazingly designed websites that feature a good use of Photoshop brushes or elements that also come in the form of Photoshop brushes. In addition to showcases such designs, I have also linked to Photoshop brushes similar

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