A New Car UI
5 years ago 1 0 4031

Several automotive companies have begun replacing traditional controls in their cars with touch screens. Unfortunately, their eagerness to set new trends in hardware, is not matched by their ambition to create innovative software experiences for these new input mechanisms. Instead of embracing new constraints and opportunities, they merely replicate old button layouts and shapes on

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20 Automotive Web Designs All Gearheads Should See
5 years ago 0 0 2583

Today’s web design showcase is for all you designers who share a passion with both the web industry and cars & motorbikes. Websites from the automotive industry are typically amongst the ugliest out there with interface designs straight from the late 90s. There are some hidden gems to be enjoyed though, such as these 20

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Toyota: Fun-Vii
7 years ago 0 0 750

TOYOTA Fun-Vii image movie introduced at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda 6: The Gift
7 years ago 0 0 2466

“The road is the best gift you can give.” via: ibelieveinadv

Mercedes-Benz: Connectivity in the Concept A-CLASS
7 years ago 0 0 506

The vision for the future: connectivity. Using the Mercedes-Benz Concept A-CLASS as an example, we show you the future of multimedia online systems.

Ferrari 458 Spider “Discover it”
7 years ago 0 0 612

Ferrari.com exclusively presents the new 458 Spider. The car enrichens the range of the Ferrari 8-cylinder models with rear-middle engine, joining the multi-awarded 458 Italia, sharing with her the most advanced technological content for exceptional handling and breathtaking performance.

C&C “Transformer”
7 years ago 0 0 2116

Transformer is a big movie, C&C transformer is a huge 60 seconds commercial for road tractor, tipper & mixer, finale in 3-in-1 gigantic robot. Various technologies were developed by us for the complex robotic transformation. Massive computer power, visual effects was needed.

Skoda Yeti “Projections”
7 years ago 0 0 2383

The Skoda Yeti offers adventure at the touch of a button. 45 second version, English language.

Ford Mad Max Interceptor
7 years ago 0 0 801

At the time of the new version of Mad max which will leave in 2012, Ford decided to create a news Interceptor, car of the hero. Visually very impressive, Tom Hardy will endorse the role of max Rockatansky to lead this concept. Via: fubiz

Forza 4 E3 2011 Trailer HD
7 years ago 0 0 732

One of the few Xbox 360 exclusives that has PS3 owners green with envy, Forza Motorsport 4 brings Kinect integration, a healthy roster of real world cars and tracks and a robust online mode. Via: awesomer

2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe
7 years ago 0 0 2112

Fighting for a top spot in the affordable sports coupe market means one thing: measuring up the BMW M3. That’s been the game for decades now, and it hasn’t changed with the latest iteration, despite the newest model’s departure from much of the past M3’s formula. Via: motorauthority

Aston Martin Reverie
7 years ago 0 0 3691

Whitehouse editor Josh Bodnar collaborated with Gentleman Scholar in the LA House and Carbon in the NY House to give you this luscious piece of work. Just be sure to have something ready to collect the drool.

TRS: VW BlueMotion
7 years ago 0 0 2336

Beautiful hand-drawn animation clip for VW BlueMotion by TRS.

Porsche’s Sexy New 911
7 years ago 0 0 749

Even if you’re not a gearhead, you have to admit, the recently released Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 is one sexy beast. Limited to just 600 vehicles worldwide, the latest 911 packs a 4.0-liter flat-six engine derived from the 911 GT3 RSR racer and features forged pistons, titanium connecting rods, and a crankshaft pulled directly

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Flash site: VW “True Life Costs”
7 years ago 0 0 986

microsite for volkswagen and tribal ddb. ‘true life costs’ forms part of the ongoing ‘unbelievable value’ campaign and asks people to evaluate how their various consumer purchases add up over a lifetime. by travelling into a miniature town and interacting with a series of charming stop motion animations, users can create a ‘total life cost

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2011 Dodge Charger “The Future of Driving”
7 years ago 0 0 1030

We’ll let robots do a lot of things, but there is one thing they will never, ever, do.

Lamborghini Aventador: Triumph
7 years ago 0 0 614

What a hot car in a super sexy ad!

Nissan LEAF: The Value of Zero
8 years ago 0 0 605

The 100% electric Nissan LEAF shows us the true value of zero through a series of thought provoking images that celebrate the world around us.

Mercedes-Benz Concept A-CLASS Teaser
8 years ago 0 0 595

Concept A-CLASS — the pulse of a new generation.

Audi A6 “Manipulation”
8 years ago 0 0 619

The new Audi A6 with Aluminium hybrid body. Engineered with a lighter touch. This film is a magical display of Audi’s mastery of lightweight metal engineering.