20 Things That Happened on the Internet in 2012
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One internet year, one illustration, 20 things: can you spot them all? To help you along, clues are shown from 2 Feb.  Win Tweet this page with the hashtag #20things and you could win a limited edition poster signed by illustrator Niark1. via: syzygy

Mesmerizing Mixed Artworks by Shintaro Ohata
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Some artists got that kind of talent that transports us to a world of complete awe, making us not believe that someone would be so much talented like that. That’s exactly the case of Shintaro Ohata, an artist from Hiroshima. via: abduzeedo

Insanely Detailed Artwork Created in 10 Months!
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Imagine taking your 0.5 mechanical pencil and drawing on a large, blank piece of white paper for 10 hours a day, seven days a week, for 10 full months. Think you’d give up after a few hours or maybe even a few days? Well, it’s safe to say that most people would. Then again, most

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55 Striking Data Visualization and Infographic Poster Designs
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Data visualizations, a.k.a Infographics, provide a great way to visualize a topic that would be hard to understand when reading. Infographics are present to us in media sources like magazines, television, books, posters, signs, and anything else that has complex information. For some people (like me) it’s much easier to visualize information, data, or knowledge with a graphic

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Amazingly Cool Illustrations by Rubens Cantuni
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Rubens Cantuni is a italian illustrator that loves to draw tattooed chubby chicks and other colorful things. I find his style super nice, and I also, his pieces look lovely as tattoos! Well, for more of his work, you may check out his portfolio and personal site. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. 😉 [Source:

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Beautiful Surreal Illustrations by Anton Semenov
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Nothing like a good surreal piece of work to make your sleep go away. Ok, jokes apart, surreal illustrations are a really awesome way to see the artist’s creativity and imagination. Anton Semenov makes some creppy, yet amazing pieces. [Source: abduzeedo]

PEN and Ink Drawings
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Very impressive illustrations by the artist Sagaki Keita based and living in Tokyo. These works are composed of thousands of characters and drawings in any kind, forming a principal image then. [Source: fubiz]

Mercedes Benz: Left Brain-Right Brain
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“The best or nothing” Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive, Tel Aviv, Israel [Source: ibelieveinadv]

Shivam Handloom Deep Sleep Mattresses: Barack
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“Puts even your worries to sleep.” Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Mumbai, India [Source: ibelieveinadv]

Café Tainá: Don’t Sleep
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“When sleeping is not an option.” Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draft FCB, São Paulo, Brazil [Source: ibelieveinadv]

Famous Games Illustrations by Xavier Thomas
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Xavier Thomas is a canadian illustration and the man behind the box arts of some games like Driver: San Francisco, Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed 2 and some others. Gotta love these! For more of his work, you may visit his portfolio at Behance. [Source: abduzeedo]

Photorealistic Artworks by Iain Macarthur
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Nowadays Iain lives in Swindon, England and work as illustrator, workingwith clients like Nike, MTV and a lot of apparel labels. [Source: abduzeedo]

25 Amazing illustrations by Philip Straub
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Philip Straub is an Art Director and more than 17 years has been creating art for the games, film, and publishing industries. He is the author and creator of the award winning illustrated Novel and interactive website, ‘Utherworlds’ and co-author of ‘D’artiste Digital Painting’. [Source: machoarts]

The Best Illustrations of 2010
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Most of these were featured here at Abduzeedo before in featured artists’ posts, and some are totally new here. This is the crème de la crème of 2010, and I know that you guys will love them. Also, this is something to inspire you to evolve your work and get your game on so that

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35 Inspiring Examples of Illustration in Web Design
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Back in May we showcased a list of 60 Excellent Examples of Illustration in Web Design and since illustration is always something inspiring we decided to gather a new list, so check out some fresh examples of illustration in web design. From small illustrative details to huge illustrated backgrounds and some delicate drawings, here are

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Illustrations by Nanami Cowdroy
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Nanami Cowdroy was born in Sydney, Australia with close bonds to her mixed Japanese-European heritage. Growing up with such contrasting cultures and surroundings, has greatly influenced her style of art and creative expression.

WTF Poster Series
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The Argentina based creative studio Minga recently created a print series labeled ‘WTF’ where various ‘wtf’ situations take place. This style is always cool and illustration is clean. But most of all, these are bit humorous! [Source: fourfifthsdesign]

Stylish Illustrations by Kevin Dart
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Kevin is a freelance illustrator living in Southern California, and a co-owner of Fleet Street Scandal. He’s style and color usage is really nice and have that sort of vintage feel to it.  For more information about Kevin Dart visit his Web site at http://www.kevindart.com/, you will be able to see his full portfolio as

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Malika Favre
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Discovered elegant work and drawings of the French graphic designer Malika Favre, based in London. It belongs to the portfolio and the Airside illustrators since the years 2000. [Source: Fubiz]

Inspiring Coca-Cola Illustrations
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Check out an awesome collection of coca-cola artworks, these illustrations vary in different styles, they have been designed by different artists and designers with their own interpretation of “The Coke Side of Live” philosophy. [Source: abduzeedo]