W Taipei Hotel
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Created by the cabinet of architecture of London GA International Design, W Taipei Hotel is revealed with the superb visual ones. Of a very luxurious aspect, this building located at the center of Taipei has 405 rooms and continuation with an interesting design. [Source: fubiz]

Alice in Wonderland Restaurant in Tokyo
8 years ago 0 0 2163

The studio Fantastic Design Works Co. had the good idea to take again Alice with the country of the wonders to decorate a restaurant in Tokyo. Playing with ingeniousness between the various elements of the tale and the decorations of the restaurant, the whole makes it possible to give an environment single and amusing. [Source:

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Sugamo Shinkin Design
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Located at Shimura in Japan, Emmanuelle Moureaux once again reconsidered the design interior and external of architecture Sugamo Shinkin Bank. While exploiting the colors of the rainbow in layers, this building gives a refreshing aspect thanks to intelligently thought spaces. [Source: fubiz]

Iron Man’s House For Sale
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Are you willing to shell out $25,000,000 for a house? If so, this is what you could gun for. Sprawled on 11,000 square feet, the Razor house commands mind-boggling views of sea and nature. Designed by Wallace E. Cunningham, (one of AD top 100), the house sports 4 bedrooms, 6 baths, a fabulous two level

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The Most Impressive Home Theater in the Entire Star System
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The house itself is stunning. 10,000 square feet of contemporary design; six flat panel HDTVs each with their own futuristic touchscreen remote from Creston (each with one button—”WATCH DVD”—that sets all the correct inputs and eliminates headaches). But I’m pretty sure I’d be spending all my time in the theater. [Source: gizmodo]

Waking Up to the Sound of Waves
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A multiplex cinema, six maxi-screens and the sea stretching out before you on a summer morning. This isn’t a Jacques Cousteau film. It’s the ocean on the coastal outskirts of Cape Town saying good morning to you. [Source: lanciatrendvisions]

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
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Reveal is the fourth of six videos that were recently shown on IFC and the Sundance Channel. The videos are two-minute documentaries featuring The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and they provide a behind-the-scenes look into the personalities and inspiration behind The Cosmopolitan.

Cluny House by Guz Architects
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Amidst the lush environment of Singapore, Guz Architects have built a home that engages the local environment in almost every aspect of its design.  The Cluny House is a stunning modern courtyard home centered around a living natural pool with water plants, moss, ferns and trees that arise from its own calming waters. [Source: thecoolist]

Understanding Eclectic Style in Interior Design
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There is a movement in the field of art called Eclecticism. In spite of the fact that this art movement might not be recognized as a separate style in the world of design, for many people eclecticism is still perceived as a separate and distinct movement. The first person who has brought the term “eclectic”

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Lookout House in Connecticut
8 years ago 0 0 2703

The Lookout House is a project by Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects, a 25-person firm of architects, interior designers, and supporting staff that offers both architectural and interior design services in an established, diverse, design-oriented practice. Located in Fairfield County, Connecticut this pyramid house was renovated to erase the aging, brown vestiges of the 1979 original.

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The Colosseum
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The Colosseum – Bucherest, Romania. The project comprises of a 54 hectre site and includes 200,000m2 of mixed-use development, containing retail, restaurants, leisure facilities and a hotel. When complete, the scheme will be Central and Eastern Europe’s largest commercial development with a total value of € 350 million.

Villa Amanzi: a Somptuous House on the Rocks
8 years ago 0 0 2815

The Villa Amanzi by Architect firm Original Vision Studio is a stunning modern vacation residence located in the exclusive Cape Sol on the West coast of Phuket, Thailand. Original Vision Studio specializes in leisure architecture throughout southeast Asia. [Source: homedsgn]

1 Mont’ Kiara Retail Mall
8 years ago 0 0 1633

Designed by Stephen Pimbley, SPARCH’s founder and director, the ambition is to make a unique and exciting retail destination, standing out among its competitors. Mont Kiara is a predominantly residential neighborhood and is very family orientated. This spirit is captured in the design which uses a ‘friendly’ palette of finishes in feel, color and texture.

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Pinball Machine Office
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At the time of the Biennial International one of the Design and living room 2010, the Belgian manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments with designed this stand with the manner of a giant flipper. Lights and provisions coloured and ludic, for a playing field to be discovered in the continuation. [Source: Fubiz]

W Hotel Atlanta
8 years ago 0 0 1032

If you’re Atlanta-bound, the Midtown district should be on your itinerary for its arts, culture, entertainment and nightlife.  Generally, there’s a W Hotel in every lifestyle hotspot, and Midtown is no exception.  The W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta continues the brand’s focus on progressive design, luxury amenities and rates that are affordable in contrast to

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Armani Hotel Dubai
8 years ago 0 0 773

Into the tallest building in the world, lives a luxuriously new world called the Armani Hotel Dubai. Where only the exclusive Club members can access to. [Source: shockblast]

Davis Residence in Washington
8 years ago 0 0 635

The Davis Residence is a project by Miller Hull Partnership, a firm stablished in 1977 that today counts with 7 partners and 56 contributors. The Miller Hull Partnership’s design reputation is based on simple, innovative and authentic designs, something we can confirm with the Davis Residence. A house where the concept marries a long gently

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MC1 House by Robles Architects
8 years ago 0 0 567

This amazing house (that I’ll buy one day..) was designed by the Architect Juan Robles. The residential project is located in the central Pacific zone of Costa Rica, near the national park Manuel Antonio, Quepos. [Source: shockblast]

Beautiful Houses: St. Barts – France
8 years ago 0 0 595

The St. Barts residence is a project by Barnes Coy Architects. Barnes Coy Architects is a 20-year-old firm which has realized over 250 projects throughout the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. The firm consists of 15 people, including 12 architects divided among three offices: Bridgehampton, NY; Vail, CO; and NYC. The residence is

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Seven Hotel
8 years ago 0 0 677

A single decoration and an insane bet with this new establishment imagined by Philippe Vaurs, Seven Hotel. Nearly 28 ludic rooms, and seven continuations with topics decorated by the team with the hotel: Vincent Bastie, Virginia Cauet, Sylvia Corrette and Paul-Bertrand Mathieu. [Source: Fubiz]