Aircruise Hydrogen Airship
9 years ago 0 0 567

Peeping into the future with vision and strategy, London-based design and innovation company Seymourpowell has designed a giant, elegant “clipper in the clouds” airship called “Aircruise” that seems to embark on a new era in luxury travel. Harnessing solar power with a primary hydrogen fuel cell drive, the Aircruise can cruise at around 90mph, leaving

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The Spruce Whale
9 years ago 0 0 585

A futuristic flying marvel the likes of which have never been seen! The WB-1010 is a concept plane made to make use of yet-to-be-invented materials and technology and aims to meet the demands the world 85 years from now will make. Speed, comfort, and space for a whole lot of people, that’s what this is

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Japan Building Another Gigantic Robot: Tetsujin
9 years ago 0 0 697

We knew this day would come. Japan builds one giant robot and, like a first taste of heroin, the country follows a destructive path of building opulent robo statues until there’s a 60-foot robot for every man, woman and child. Now that the Gundam is complete, Kobe’s Wakamatsu Park is next on the list to

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Marching Bacteria
10 years ago 0 0 507

“Bacteria”, a creative campaign created by M&C Saatchi for a new series of high density Plasmacluster ion generator air purifiers, in time for the peak influenza season. [Source: Boing Boing]

2015 Honda CB750 Motocycle
10 years ago 0 0 905

Lines. Lines and Lines and lines. With the front face looking like a Lego, or a mega-blok. It’s the “2015 Honda CB 750″ by Igor Chak. The engine is powered by a four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine. POW! A six-speed dual-clutch transmission with electronic lurch and traction control. Electronic tuning by the onboard computer. I’ve decided

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Giant Beetle Robot
10 years ago 0 0 725

A retired engineer spend 11 years making this giant beetle robot. Highlights: 1:00 is the awakening/mating dance; 4:10 the cockpit tour; and 7:20 the climactic march.