3D Holographic Fashion Show
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This is a montage of some key scenes from the show, some live captured moments and some behind-the-scene-shots.

Sizzling Megan Fox for Armani
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And here it is, the irresistible M.Fox in the new video for Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underewear, shot by Mert & Marcus. What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

New Era XC
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To celebrate its 90ème birthday, the mark New Era decided to give freehand to 90 European artists in order to express their creativity on the support of the famous cap. [Source: fubiz]

Cool T-Shirt Designs
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Most designers seek inspiration in the initial stage of a project to get their creative juices flowing and/or to get updated with the latest trends in graphic design. In this post I would like to share some of the great designs that have inspired me in some way and hopefully something will inspire you as

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One Watch With Many Faces
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Here is a neat idea that allows you to play with the different faces for a watch. The Watch oNe basically features an E-Ink display which is LED back lit, but its face is not constant, meaning you can change it at whim or fancy. Hook the watch up to the internet and download your

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Fashion Websites: Trends, Showcase, Interviews
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Fashion is a cultural phenomenon. It’s so often transient, but at the same time one of the most polished mirrors of our time. Unlike other art forms and creative media, fashion is a mode of self-expression for all players involved: the designer makes clothes to express their personality, and the consumer wears them for the

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Megan Fox “the Tip”
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When sexy Megan Fox, the woman who could make a straight female gay-for-a-day,closed the door to her hotel room, tempting and teasing her captivated audience with a quick clip of her beautiful self in an Emporio Armani Underwear ad showing nothing more than a robe and lacy bra, it left everyone who viewed it wanting

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Poster Series for Allen Solly Clothing
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llen Solly  was founded in 1744 by a company called William Hollin and Co Ltd.  The brand was purchased some time in the 90’s by a new company called  Madura Garments  which was a part of Madura Coats. Madura Coats was a big producer of threads.  Click here to check out his online store website.

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Chanel J12 Marine
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The New Chanel J12 Marine Dive watches.

Burberry Eyewear Spring Summer 2010
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Discover the Burberry Eyewear Spring/Summer 2010 collection, just drag to your favorite angle. Look around! [Source: FWA]

Iron Man Nikes Light Up Like Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor
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Somewhere, in a market brimming with plastic arc reactors and cologne bottles, there is a gap just waiting to be exploited. Custom-sneakers people Diversitile seized that opportunity and will be selling these Iron Man Nikes very, very soon. [Source: GizModo]

40+ Examples of Illustrative T-Shirt Designs
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Focusing more on Illustration type of design, an Examples of Illustrative T-shirt Designs is given in this next post specially made for t-shirt designers… Browse through this post and get inspiration from our amazing list. [Source: NaldzGraphic]

Diesel Jeans Advertising Campaigns
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Diesel is an interesting brand which attracted a lot of attention through its (let’s say) bizarre campaigns. “Let’s say” because this is how it would be perceived by some. For the people that are in contact with the advertising world, it’s not bizarre at all. This is the way a top brand plays with the

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55 Inspiring Fashion Sketches & Illustrations
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Fashion illustrations are extremely beautiful, elegant, delicate… they transmit a good vibe. I’m not sure why they enchant me this much, but I just can’t get tired of fashion sketches. And this is exactly why I decided to put this selection together. [Source: abduzeedo]

Flash site: Adidas Style Essentials
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Take a trip through the fresh world of adidas Style Essentials, painting your own path through this interactive journey complete with pit stops, games, and an innovative, inline product catalog.

Diesel Jeans: Be stupid
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http://www.diesel.com/be-stupid Advertising Agency: Anomaly, London, United Kingdom [Source: I Believe in Advertising]

GrandOptical, Black Collection: Dog
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“Black Collection 99 Only the most chic accessories can match a high quality fur.” Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam France [Source: Ads of the World]

In bed with good design
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Like most designers, you’ll want your home to be looking good or at least well-design. This collection presents some beds that I could make mine. [Source: designer-daily]

Phone Fashion
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The trend in concept phones these days is turning retro, which is why we have the “Dial” reminisce the era of the round-dials on phones. The difference however lies in the present concept being touted as a fashion accessory that can be crafted in the metal of choice; giving you the luxury of being, chic,

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50+ Awesome T-shirt Design
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Everyone wants to walk down the street and have peoples’ heads turn and envy their newest tee. In this post you will see some amazingly designed t-shirts that will leave you in awe. [Source: DesignRfix]