Jaw-Dropping Pictures of Iceland
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Our Planet Looks So Purty!!
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Tom Lowe has released his stunning documentary TimeScapes, a silent portrait of our planet captured with exquisite 4K cinematography. via: gizmodo

Jaw Dropping Light Paintings
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Light painting has always wowed audiences, right from it’s inception in the 1930s. Light painting is a photographic technique, whereby exposures are usually taken at night or in a darkened environment, using a moving light source or by moving the camera. via: noupe

A Showcase of Infrared Photography
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In almost any problem solving situation, one tends to be told to think outside the box to find a solution. Basically asking us to look beyond the ordinary to find the extraordinary. One creative field that seems to shine as a beacon for taking this approach, and seeing the world in a very different way

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30 Amazing Cinemagraphs – GIF Photography
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A Cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly. via: theultralinx

Skyline Photography At Its Best
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Architecture tends to be an abundant source of inspiration, with so many classic and modern styles blending throughout cities all over the world. One such iconic source that many turn their photographic eye to, is city skylines. The looming structures carving out a recognizable silhouette as they climb high against the colors of the day

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47 Stunning and Creative Examples of Silhouette Photography
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A silhouette is achieved by photographing into the light – preferably with the subject directly in front of the light. Some of the best silhouette photographs are taken at sunrise or sunset, when the sun is just on the horizon – that is the moment when the sun causes the sky to be at its

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Beautiful Milky Way Photography
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Everybody loves to stare at the sky and look shiny little stars… but what most people can’t see from big cities is the beautiful Milky Way, our home! So nothing better than catching some cool photographs to see it! Via: abduzeedo

30 Breathtaking Infrared Photos
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Infrared photographs are images taken with film or image sensors sensitive to infrared light and the result of that is simply breath taking. With this film/sensor sensitive to infrared light, the camera captures light that is invisible to our eyes, creating really beautiful contrast and colors. [Source: onextrapixel]

28 Stunning Examples of Night Photography
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Night photography is a task which is more complex and difficult than the average person or amateur photographer might think. In fact, it can prove to be a rather daunting task to even the most experienced professionals. However, the rewards can be quite fruitful, when executed properly. [Source: onextrapixel]

New York City Sparkles at Night
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As an architectural and interior photographer in New York specializing in luxury projects, Evan Joseph has climbed onto extraordinary terraces and exclusive roofs. After a decade of shooting skyline views, however, he went in search of an even loftier angle. Nowhere to look but up, he took to the skies. [Source: mmm]

God Bless Japan
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Our hearts go out to the people in Japan and all those affected by the 8.9-magnitude earthquake. It’s the biggest earthquake on record to hit Japan and according to CNN it “unleashed walls of water Friday that swept across rice fields, engulfed towns, dragged houses onto highways and tossed cars and boats like toys, apparently

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Mikko Lagerstedt
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Beautiful photographs of landscapes by Finnish Mikko Lagerstedt. A quite particular atmosphere putting in scene insulation vis-a-vis nature. The work put on line since the beginning of 2008, such as for example the series “Alone”. [Source: fubiz]

Dramatic Landscapes
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German photographer Dominic Kamp takes beautiful shots of landscapes and digitally enhances them to look amazing. The bright, bold colors he uses really sets a dramatic tone. Kamp says he’s not a professional photographer but you wouldn’t be able tell by looking at his shots. He discovered photography in 2007 and is currently a finance

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Neon Hong Kong
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German photographer Thomas Birke is fascinated by metropolitan areas. Here, he shows us a side to Hong Kong we don’t often get to see. “I am most interested in density,” he says. “My aspiration is to show at least 1,000 people or their traces on every picture. Be it the illuminated windows of their apartments,

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Victoria’s Secret Valentines Day 2011
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Lily Aldridge, Erin Heather­ton, Adri­ana Lima & Can­dice Swanepoel for Vic­to­rias Secret Valen­tines Day 2011.

This Planet Is Not In Another Solar System
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It’s right here. David Kaplan took this otherworldly image in Switzerland, with Orion glimmering over the mountains and the villages around the Lauerzersee glowing below a sea of fog. His sunrise shot—with the Moon and Venus aligned—is even better. [Source: gizmodo]

Simon Christen’s Landscape Photography
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Breathtaking landscape photography by Simon Christen, animator / photographer born in Bern (Swiss) currently working as an animator at Pixar Studios. Although photography is not his profession, when checking his photos … it’s hard to believe that. You simply got to love the shots. [Source: inspirefirst]

40+ Superb Examples of Fisheye Photography
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Today we are showcasing some awesome examples of Fish Eye Photography. This type of photography utilizes a special lens to produce really unusual but creative perspectives. It makes regular planes or lines, distorted and curved. The resulting images are unlike those taken with any other lens. So, for your inspiration, we’ve collected 40+ Awesome Looking

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If Animals Were Models
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This could be a very interesting question for photographers. What if animals really were models? How would they pose? How would they look? We tried to get answers to these questions and started searching all over the internet for our priceless collection of animal “models”. [Source: noupe]