Our Planet Looks So Purty!!
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Tom Lowe has released his stunning documentary TimeScapes, a silent portrait of our planet captured with exquisite 4K cinematography. via: gizmodo

BBC “Wonderful World”
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This mesmerizing ad for BBC One plays clips of beautiful wildlife and breathtaking scenes of nature while naturalist David Attenborough narrates the lyrics to What a Wonderful World.

The Aurora Borealis
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This video explains how particles originating from deep inside the core of the sun creates northern lights, also called aurora borealis, on our planet.

This Planet Is Not In Another Solar System
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It’s right here. David Kaplan took this otherworldly image in Switzerland, with Orion glimmering over the mountains and the villages around the Lauerzersee glowing below a sea of fog. His sunrise shot—with the Moon and Venus aligned—is even better. [Source: gizmodo]

Universe is Now Visible
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While NASA’s Hubble is one of the largest and most well-known space telescope for astronomy, it’s the not the only one NASA uses. In fact, there are four large, powerful space-based telescope that fall under NASA’s series of Great Observatories – Hubble, the now deorbited Compton Gamma Ray Observator (CGRO), Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO) and

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Olympus BioScapes Gallery
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The results from the 2009 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition are in. They are as mesmerizing and funky as always. [Source: GizModo]

Drop of water
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Universe To End Sooner Than Previously Thought
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While Robert Frost famously said that he prefers the world to end in fire, physicists have long predicted the universe will end with an icy sputter known as “heat death.” Heat death occurs when the universe finally uses up all its energy, with all motion stopping and all the atoms in creation grinding to a

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UN Global Warming Center @ SF
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San Francisco and Supermayor Gavin Newsom announced plans to take the pollution-mired Hunter’s Point Shipyard and build a $20 Million, 80,000-square foot UN Global Compact Center, which will serve as a “climate change think tank and green tech incubator.” Construction on the building will begin in 2011, and finish in mid 2012, serving as office

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Toyota’s Giant Solar Flowers
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Now here’s a smart marketing campaign. In an effort to raise awareness / interest in its 2010 Prius, Toyota planted five 18-foot tall “solar flowers” in Boston’s Prudential Plaza and provided free Wi-Fi and electricity that was “partially powered” by the solar panels attached to the petals and stem. The so-called “Harmony Between Man, Nature

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Mysterious, Glowing Clouds Appear Across America’s Night Skies
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Mysterious, glowing clouds previously seen almost exclusively in Earth’s polar regions have appeared in the skies over the United States and Europe over the past several days. Photographers and other sky watchers in Omaha, Paris, Seattle, and other locations have run outside to capture images of what scientists call noctilucent (”night shining”) clouds. Formed by

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Flash site: Museum of Science and Industry
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Cute little Flash games involves with basic science and industry knowledge so the users are learning while playing. The intuitive interaction enhances the educational experience.

Mysterious Ice Circles in World’s Deepest Lake
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Astronauts aboard the International Space Station noticed two mysterious dark circles in the ice of Lake Baikal in April. Though the cause is more likely aqueous than alien, some aspects of the odd blemishes defy explanation. The two circles are the focal points for ice break-up and may be caused by upwelling of warmer water

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