BBC “Wonderful World”

This mesmerizing ad for BBC One plays clips of beautiful wildlife and breathtaking scenes of nature while naturalist David Attenborough narrates the lyrics to What a Wonderful World.

The Aurora Borealis

This video explains how particles originating from deep inside the core of the sun creates northern lights, also called aurora borealis, on our planet.

This Planet Is Not In Another Solar System

It’s right here. David Kaplan took this otherworldly image in Switzerland, with Orion glimmering over the mountains and the villages around the Lauerzersee glowing below a sea of fog. His sunrise shot—with the Moon and Venus aligned—is even better. [Source:...

Universe is Now Visible

While NASA’s Hubble is one of the largest and most well-known space telescope for astronomy, it’s the not the only one NASA uses. In fact, there are four large, powerful space-based telescope that fall under NASA’s series of Great Observatories...