3-D Gauge Cluster Concept Simply Mind-Blowing
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Well-known computer graphics company NVIDIA and mobile solutions company icon icar have teamed up to develop a 3-D gauge cluster for cars. If the above image — and one below — are any indication, they should have automakers lining up to get these in future cars. [Source: KickingTires]

3DConnexion Spacepillot Pro
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3D Connexions, makers of 3D input devices, today launched the SpacePilot Pro, marking an evolutionary leap for the product line. The new unit builds on the sturdy, ergonomic design of the company’s Space Pilot and SpaceExplorer 3D mice, by adding more control options and a more refined user experience. [Source: DesignEngineering]

Flash site: The Egg Republic
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Everything were presented in 3D environment which is also their greatest strength. Luv their 3D modeling, looks so real and the quality is top-notched.

Flash site: Plus Belle Le Maison
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This flash site is built on Flash CS4. It is intergrated with heavy 3D elements and interactivities which makes it unique and outstanding!

Novo Minoru 3D WebCam
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The Minoru has two discrete lenses spaced at roughly human eye distance, but unlike a View-Master reel, it doesn’t deliver two discrete images, rather it mixes both together into a blurry-looking mess that requires the goofy two-color glasses that have kept 3D on the launch pad since Day 1. [Source: Cnet]

Flash site: Foot Locker with Nike Tuned 10
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This is a cool flash 3D site features with mini games and showcase for new Nike Tuned 10 products. The interactivities with 3D perspective triangles are just amazing. Don’t forget to watch the video at the end.