Flash site: Audi A1
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The Audi A1. The next big Audi. Customize your own Audi A1, find your personal A1 style and watch a fast-paced action thriller with Justin Timberlake. The next big thing!

Flash site: Iron Man 2 feat. Audi R8 Spyder
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The 2011 R8 Spyder V10 puts on an impressive display of power  when Iron Man 2  opens in theaters on May 7th. This amazing vehicle was selected by the filmmakers to make its debut in this summer’s most anticipated motion picture. And we invite you to share in the excitement and win incredible prizes as

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Trailer: Audi A1 and Justin Timberlake
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When he’s not touring the world or producing new albums, singer Justin Timberlake is out flogging Audis, so to speak. Timberlake is in fact the brand ambassador for Audi and his first major task under the new role is to help promote the A1 premium compact. [Source: MotorAuthority]

2011 Audi RS5 Confirmed For U.S.
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The new 2011 Audi RS5, complete with its 450 horsepower FSI V-8 engine and seven-speed S tronic dual clutch gearbox, is slated to go on sale this July but we still don’t have any confirmation of the vehicle coming to the U.S.  The guys at Automobile Magazine, however, are reporting that the car is destined

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2011 Audi RS5 Official driving footage
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The Audi RS4 is no longer, but in its place comes the Audi  RS5, and though it gives up the utility of rear doors, it gains the beauty of Audi’s  A5 Coupe profile–a trade we’re willing to make. In this video, we get the first taste of the 2011 Audi RS5 in action, from its

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2011 Audi A8 Preview
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On the eve of the 2009 L.A. Auto Show, Audi is across the continent at the “Art of Progress” exhibition in Miami, with Lucy Liu presenting the new 2011 Audi A8. Our own Marty Padgett is on hand to bring us the latest, updating live from the floor of the event in the widget below. 

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Zen Audi
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By “Taking advantage of the exoskeleton  and nanotechnology evolution, we can create a potential energy source and produce a new generation of human powered vehicles: faster and stronger.” Inspired by sports equipment, footwear design and human instinct, this design uses the owners own kinetic energy to power your way down the street. Though it is not quite clear

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2010 Audi TT RS
9 years ago 0 1 938

Audi has released a plethora of new beautiful photographs of the Audi TT RS Coupe and Roadster, and it just makes us want them to change their mind about bringing the car to the United States even more. After all, what’s not to love? The 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder puts out 340 horsepower and 332 lb-ft

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LA Billboard War Event
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If there’s one thing you can count on the internet, it’s that everyone has an opinion and they aren’t afraid to deliver their two cents. So when dueling billboards from Audi and BMW turned up on Santa Monica Blvd., the Photoshoppers got to work with what they felt would be appropriate counter responses. Some of

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Audi ups the style of Q7 SUV with latest facelift
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The Audi Q7 is certainly starting to show its age against its prime rivals like the BMW X5, Mercedes Benz ML and the Porsche Cayenne, all of which have either undergone a complete redesign or facelift in the recent past. The Q7, however, has barely changed since its market introduction back in 2006. That’s all

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Concept: Audi – Shark
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There are certain terms used so often to describe automotive designs that they become cliche. Right up there on the list with “Darth Vader, your car has arrived” and “This could be the next Batmobile” is shark imagery, with every other car being equated to the deep-sea hunters. This is a shame, because once in

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Audi TT-RS
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Last year we saw Audi take the wraps off several variants of its sporty TT, with the unveiling of the TT-S, 2.0L TDI diesel-powered TT, and finally, the entry-level 1.8L TFSI model. However, there’s one more TT variant in the works and it could potentially be the fastest production TT ever. The new variant is

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Commercial: Audi Q5
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It “shares” the same idea of a scene at 2008 Beijing Olympic opening ceremony. However, it is enhanced with CG to make this looks even cooler~ Click here for HD in QuickTime.

Audi A1 Sportback Concept
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BMW’s MINI now has its biggest challenger: Audi A1 Sportback. The concept sports what appears to be a new mild hybrid powertrain with a 150-horsepower 1.4L TSI engine mated up to a 27-horse electric motor. And it will run up to 60mpg with low emissions. [Source: AutoBlog]

Rendered Speculation: Audi A7
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Ever-expanding Audi seems to have missed the boat with its new A7. A four-door coupe is now the must-have car to have in your model line-up, yet Mercedes, VW and, arguably, Jaguar have stolen a march on Ingolstadt and the A7 will only arrive in late 2009, before sales start in early 2010. [Source: CAR]

Audi releases A4 Challenge iPhone driving game
10 years ago 0 3 1141

Audi is the first carmaker using iPhone apps to promote their new A4. Audi already spend millions of dollars on advertising their new lines: A4, A5 and S5 this year and they are looking very nice, no doubt! How come MB doesn’t do the same for my C-Class!?