China’s Largest Sports Park Under Construction
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Construction began in December for what will be China’s largest sports park, the Hangzhou Sports Park. It’ll be green, sustainable, and will span around 400,000 square meters. Did I mention how it looks like a space city? [Source: GizModo]

Showcase Of Web Design In China
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China is a country with five thousand years of civilization. It is a multi-national entity extending over a large area of East Asia. China’s cultural influence extends across the continent, with customs and writing systems adopted by neighboring countries including Japan, Korea and Vietnam. China has gone through numerous ups and downs and twists and

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Greenpeace: Forest denudation
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“New type viruses appear continuously because the nature is revenged on humans for air pollution.” Advertising Agency: Shanghai J&J Advertising Co.,Ltd Shanghai China [Source: Ads of the World]

LiNing: Baron Davis
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In July 2009, Li Ning will hold Style Fighter 3+1 Basketball Challenge and NBA Stars’ Meet in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Changsha and Chengdu. Three different thematic basketball courts will be set up representing the styles of Shaq O’neal, Baron Davis and Jose Calderon respectively. Considering various interest of young basketball fans, different competitions are designed

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Tang Da Ren Soup: White collar
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“Out of sight. (Troubles) Out of mind.” Advertising Agency: TBWA\China [Source: I Believe in Advertising]

Cadillac CTS stunt team dazzles in China
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Although things are understandably more than bit somber in General Motors’ U.S. operations as of late, over in China, the mood is a bit more upbeat. The evidence? Check out this CTS stunt-driving exhibition held last weekend on Shanghai’s Formula One circuit. [Source: AutoBlog]

Shanghai Tower Will Spin Towards The Sky
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Financial apocalypse be damned! The Shanghai Tower, set to reach a whopping 632 meters by the time it’s completed, broke ground over the weekend. With its zenith a full 140 meters higher than the Mori Building (currently the world’s highest observatory), it’ll grab the honors of the tallest building in China. [Source: GizModo]

Meet the Mobile China Town…
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It is not an alien invasion or neither some kind of airplanes. It’s the Mobile Star City from China. The idea is freaking insane. I wish I can travel with this thing in my lifetime. Watch the video below for details.

Most Memorable Olympic Ever!
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2008 Beijing Olympics is now officially finished. The closing ceremony was as great as the opening. Through out these two weeks, hundreds of athletes competed each other for the highest  honors. China has been a great host nation and proved the world that they were capable hosting Olympics and also made it the most memorable

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