Coca-Cola “Quest”
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A new axis for the Coca-Cola mark with this cartoon film sobrement entitled “Quest”. A work of the Santo agency, on an executive production of US Paranoid. This new realization of French Edouard Salier is to be discovered in video in the continuation. [Source: Fubiz]

Coca Cola: The Simpsons “Hard Times”
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Hard Times features a variety of characters from The Simpsons, most notably greedy billionaire C. Montgomery Burns. As Mr. Burns faces the loss of his fortune and worldly belongings, he learns to appreciate lifes simple pleasures like friends and family. The commercial was first shown during Super Bowl XLIV (44) 2010.

Flash site: Coca-Cola Happiness Factory
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Another outstanding flash site from Coca-Cola. Very unique design w/ 3D animated characters and background. Don’t forget to watch the scenes~

Flash site: Coca Cola Brasil
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Great UI combines well with intuitive 3D elements and the sounds enhance user experiences. The 3D elements probably are made with the new 3D and bone tools in Flash CS4.