30 Flash-Based Photography Sites
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Here are 30 awesome Flash-based photography sites. Not only do they have stunning photos, but their Flash design is also amazing. Most of them are designed in full screen mode. So, get your coffee or tea ready and enjoy these beautiful high resolution photos. [Source: WebDesignerWall]

Adobe Flash Catalyst
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Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™ is a new professional interaction design tool for rapidly creating user interfaces without coding. Transform artwork created in Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Illustrator® into functional user interfaces. Create interactive prototypes with the ability to leverage them in the final product Publish a finished project as a SWF file ready for distribution Work

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30 Hand-picked Flash and Essential Actionscript 3.0 Tutorials
9 years ago 0 0 530

Using Flash properly, allows you to create stunning visual experience and offer your visitors amazing user interaction. Flash’s strength lies in its ability to showcase unusual visual solutions, including graphic motion, videos and sound. Make use of them if you really want to achieve a stunning visual design. This article provides 30 Impressive Flash and

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Flash site: Samsung MP3 Player “Q1”
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Here is the promotional site for the new Samsung MP3 Player Q1. It uses American cartoon style comic theme and it has the best intergrated Flip-E-Book I have ever seen. Each individual sections is unique and interactive. Take some time to load but it’s one of the best flash site of 2008!!

Flash site: Nvidia – Speak Visual
10 years ago 0 0 635

Another Flash CS4 masterpiece. Give me a lot creative ideas when I create my next flash portfolio.

Flash site: Plus Belle Le Maison
10 years ago 0 0 750

This flash site is built on Flash CS4. It is intergrated with heavy 3D elements and interactivities which makes it unique and outstanding!

Flash site: Nike – BE THE LEGEND
10 years ago 0 0 681

Best Korean Flash site I have ever seen although I don’t check Korean sites quite often cuz I don’t understand their language at all..but this piece is definitely on the top of any list.

Flash site: M&M’s Street
10 years ago 0 0 1116

This site is intergrated with video and interactivity perfectly. It’s a French site so the loading is a little bit long.

Flash site: Toshiba
10 years ago 0 0 675

Interesting flash site. Worth time to explore it around~

Flash site: Jeep
10 years ago 0 0 657

This official Jeep site has all my favorite elements of interactive web design. Gotta check this out!!

Flash site: Birdman
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Birdman is a Japanese online advertising agency. Their site looks really cool by animating a “real” birdman flying around during the transitions. I also love the background music that also plays a successful role of this masterpiece.

Flash site: All-Japan Kendo Championship
10 years ago 0 0 1348

This site has all the elements I love about Japanese web design. Smooth transitions, motion graphics and cleanness mix with Japanese culture very well.

Reel: Fake-Up
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Here is Fake-Up 2K9 reel. They are a new flash actionscript company locates in NY. I think the reel looks cool and interesting where I can get some ideas from for my own reel in the future.

Flahs site: Prologue
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Prologue is one of the best in the visual design studio. Their works are truly impressive! Prologue puts the voice of its clients above any stylistic predilections it may have as a studio, and while certain threads may run throughout their portfolio, they can hardly be accused of repeating themselves. [Source: MotionOgrapher]

Flash site: FARM
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FARM is the flash site with best preloaders! The preloaders are visual interesting but the wait is a bit long maybe it’s because this site requires lots of loading time. The first preloader is the funnest becuase users can drag and drop the ball then the black dog comes to it and picks it up.

Flash site: Samsung Music
10 years ago 0 0 752

Samsung also aims to share the pie of music phone category with Nokia. The site is very clean and elegant with smooth interactivities. Users can create their own sound tracks by interacting with many sound elements.

Flash site: Harajuku
10 years ago 0 0 636

Harajuku is a Japanese brand fragrance. This flash site is very interactive, colorful and fun to explore around its contents. Thus, I believe this fragrance should smell good, even though I can’t smell it….

Flash site: Zune Journey
10 years ago 0 0 701

A cool flash site that promotes the new Zune throughout an animated journey. Very creative idea and the journey is tripping!!

Flash site: Drive Every Drop
10 years ago 0 0 667

A very interactive site with lots of information about fuel efficiency. Simple feedback animation and smooth transition give users direct response and keep them exploring this site.

Flash site: National Television
10 years ago 0 0 565

National Television is a design studio focus on creating outstanding TV commercials. Their commercials involved heavy computer graphics and interesting ideas. It worths time to explore their works for brainstorming.