Flash site: Adidas Y-3
10 years ago 0 0 838

Adidas Y-3 Flash site revolutionizes the way people shop online. Consumers can see the clothings on real models in real time. This idea truely gives the consumers’ better impressions about the products.

Flash site: Marc Ecko
10 years ago 0 0 498

Marc Ecko is one of my favorite designer and his site rocks!! I really like the style and impression of this site. Very professional and elegant. There are a lot contents to explore around this site, and I like his office the most. Don’t forget to check it out!

Flash site: Japanese Nokia 706i
10 years ago 0 0 786

This Japanese flash site introduces the new Nokia 706i lines by BirdMan Graphic Design Company. They didn’t use any kind of video in this site instead they used series of animated images to make the site feels like a video. I think it’s a smart move because the loading time is really reduced.

Flash Site: PlayGround (遊樂場)
10 years ago 0 0 805

I truely love this site’s illustrations and attentions to detail. Using the arrow keys to move the character around the stage is also creative and fun. Worth the time to check this site out.

Flash site: The X Factor
10 years ago 0 0 1387

A very interactive website uses many drawing characters and real hand. There are many flash sites using real hand for interaction but this one pwns! Users can also record their singing and then draw the animiated performance.

Flash site: AdProject
10 years ago 0 0 476

A russian flash site uses a lot of perspective elements with the mouse interactions. The choice of colors also gives the users alot of visual feedbacks. Thus, it enhances the user experience successfully.

Flash site: Foot Locker with Nike Tuned 10
10 years ago 0 0 17231

This is a cool flash 3D site features with mini games and showcase for new Nike Tuned 10 products. The interactivities with 3D perspective triangles are just amazing. Don’t forget to watch the video at the end.

Flash site: Coca-Cola Light
10 years ago 0 0 465

I really like this site a lot. Very interactive and details to graphic are amazing. It also discovers the best eateries around the world. And users can also design their own coke bottles.