Broken Fingaz – Graffiti Stop Motion
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In the continuity of the work of the urban artist Blu with Combo, here this film carried out by So much and Unga of the team “Broken Fingaz,” coming from Israel. Graffiti in stop-motion, on a tape its of Boreta and The Glitch Mob. To discover in the continuation of the article. [Source: Fubiz]

Cleaning the Streets: Reverse Graffiti
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Instead of spray painting streets walls, there are artists who clean dirt off of them as a new form of graffiti.  In the photo above, you can see Brazilian artist Alexandre Orion unsoiling parts of a transport tunnel to draw skulls on it. [Source: illusion]

40 Striking Examples of Graffiti Art
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Graffiti has existed since ancient times with examples dating back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. In modern times, spray paint, regular paint and markers are the most commonly used materials. Although the defacing of property is a crime punishable by law, many artists choose to express themselves this way. This form of art

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Graffiti 3D wallpapers
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A collection of 3D graffiti wallpapers with 1080p for HDTVs and PS3.

Graffiti Brazil: Iskor
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Iskor (Felipe Arantes Silva) is an artist from Sao Paulo Brazil seeking versatility on his work around the city. Somewhere between letters and characters, his work has been changing for the past years but his signature is never left behind. [Source: abduzeedo]

20 Impressive 3D Graffiti Artworks
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Those designs were really cool, but even more impressive are the sprayed graffitis that some artists already painted in walls. [Source: abduzeedo]

Street Art by 6emeia
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6emeia is a group of only 2 members who are living in San Paulo. They use street elements to create amazing graffiti with humor. Click the picture above to visit their site to view more their works.