24 Clever Website Designs That Combine jQuery and Illustration
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Now that dynamic HTML is a reality in most commonly used browsers and that a lot of fancy JavaScript libraries exist to make using it easy, CSS websites can take back some of the street cred held so tightly by Flash. Of these new JavaScript libraries, jQuery has become one of the most widely adopted

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Creative Uses of Illustration in Website Design
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This article gave tips and tricks on how to create amazing character Illustrations. In this collection of websites you will see some beautiful uses of illustration that will leave you speechless. Hope you enjoy! [Source: DesignRfix]

80 excellent examples of mixed media fashion illustration
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From the soft illustrations of Bangkok’s ISE , the brooding work of Hong Kong’s Calvin Ho or the clever product intergration of Finland’s Laura Liane, this post is extremely diverse. Filled to the brim with awesome fashion illustrations this over 80 pieces of inspiration article is Designfeedr’s largest inspiration post to date. [Source: DesignFeedr]

50+ Cute and Adorable Monster Characters Illustration
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Here is a Showcase of 50+ Cute and Adorable Monster Characters Illustration to enhance your imagination and for more inspirations. [Source: NaldzGraphics]

40 Awesome Futuristic City Illustrations
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Cities have always been a place where people share ideas and knowledge. I think this one of the reasons why cities have been inspiring artists to create many futuristic cityscapes illustrations. [Source: Zeemp]

40 Fresh And Inspirational Typography Illustrations
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Some fresh and new inspirational typography illustrations. Graphics make your art work more attractive. There 40 very creative typography designs are listed in the showcase below. Explore new ideas and designs for your work. Inspiration is a key to creativity, that’s why I have brought you some new typography designs to boost your mind with

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25 Creative Flash Websites with 3D Illustration Environment
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It is very amazing to surf around cool flash websites in 3D. With stunning visual experience and incredible user interaction, Although Flash is definitely not the favorite medium for usability and accessibility but it empowers the Web with functionalities, Flash enabled designers and developers to deliver rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and

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Totally Awesome T-Shirt Illustrations by Rubens Scarelli
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These awesome T-shirt  illustrations are created from Brazilian Illustrator Rubens Scarelli.

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Spacejump is an illustration company mainly focus on graphic desgin. I love their works and details within each projects. And their works are pretty amazing.