24 Amazing Photographs Of Japan
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Japan is one place that I would love to visit purely to take photo’s and to try and capture the sheer beauty of the country. With such diversity and contrasting landscapes I don’t think you could ever get bored! [Source: freephotoresources]

Japan – The Strange Country
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Here this project of end of studies of young the 23 year old graphic designer Kenichi based in Nagoya. A video full with computer graphics and date-visualization representing the country of Japan: its culture, its history and its inhabitants with the foreign point of view. To discover in video in the continuation. [Source: Fubiz]

Adidas “The Feather Leads to the Revolution”
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Adidas Japan has kicked off its latest phase of World Cup activities with an animated comic featuring national hero, Nakamura Shunske. The digital piece, created by TBWA\HAKUHODO, is the first in a series describing the journey of the Japan team through to the World Cup and will help create the spark that will start a

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Flash site: Sony Japan
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Wonderfully done flash site with breathtaking user interface and smooth 3D interactions. Really matches the message that Sony would like to deliver: 3D era is coming!!

the TV show
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Japanese Illustrator: Yuta Onoda
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Yuta Onoda, originally from Japan, has recently graduated from Bachelor of Applied Arts Illustration at Sheridan College, Canada. He has been shaping his art aesthetic through various forms of media, finding new avenues to express himself. [Source: YutaOnoda]

Japanese Google Street View
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You have to really admire the Japanese and their animation. They can take something as mundane as how Google Street View works, and transform it into something so quirky and charming! I really enjoy all the contraptions employed to get the job done, it stokes that little fire in my heart that Wallace and Gromit

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Flash site: Thai Bargain!
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Excellent Japanese flash site which promotes people traveling to Thailand. Luv the background wall full of interesting and beautiful video clips in Thailand.

Canon launches virtual reality dinosaur exhibit in Japan
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Canon plans to give us all a taste of the future of museums with its new “Dinosaurs-Miracle of the Desert” exhibit in Chiba, Japan. Visitors will be allowed to don a pair of virtual reality glasses that will display nearly life-sized three-dimensional images of various dinosaurs right there on the museum floor. [Source: Dvice]

Japan Building Another Gigantic Robot: Tetsujin
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We knew this day would come. Japan builds one giant robot and, like a first taste of heroin, the country follows a destructive path of building opulent robo statues until there’s a 60-foot robot for every man, woman and child. Now that the Gundam is complete, Kobe’s Wakamatsu Park is next on the list to

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Activated Full Size Gundam!
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This 59-foot-long Gundam was displayed in Tokyo for its 20th anniversary. It looks so impressively real….I wanna see Gundams vs Transformers in the future LoL

Flash site: Nescafe Charge
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Clean, simple, elegent and striaght forward! Damn I really like Japanese web design style~

Flash site: Adidas.jp
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Very cool UI design with smooth interactivities. The idea is not new but it certainly bring it to the next level.

Mobile Kawaii
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Next in a long line of contenders for the so-called “Smart Phone.” Featuring a very limited button selection, camera, color screen, and hiding feature, (and not much else,) here comes the “Cute Phone!” It requires only one more feature to be true to the culture: a hole to hang colorful keychains and blinky beads. [Source:

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Flash site: All-Japan Kendo Championship
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This site has all the elements I love about Japanese web design. Smooth transitions, motion graphics and cleanness mix with Japanese culture very well.

Monkey Waiter~
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Leah Dizon – Hottest Japanese singer
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Leah Donna Dizon (リア・ディゾン, 莉亞迪桑, born on September 24, 1986) is a model, singer, actress, Gravure idol and TV personality in Japan, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. Her ethnicities include Chinese, Filipino and French. In 2006, she moved to Tokyo, Japan after being accepted by a Japanese talent agency for her modeling. Soon after,

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