LG: Mob
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“LG side-by-side with TV. Entertainment and technology in your kitchen.” Advertising Agency: Y&R Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil [Source: Ads of the World]

LG New Chocolate BL20
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Luv the background music and visual effects of this promo! Can’t decide my next phone will be 2010 iPhone or this XD

New LG Chocolate – BL40
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Well, there goes the rest of LG’s annoyingly gradual tease campaign: the next generation LG Chocolate BL40, with a 4-inch, 800×344 (21:9!), multitouch screen has been revealed in full in a leaked promotional video. On top of the display, we can see a few more of the rumored specs confirmed: LG’s in-house Active Flash UI,

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Flash site: LG – Smamot
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Luv the clear UIs and beautiful graphics that support this site very well. Many trendy elements were used in this flash site also.

LG’s GC900 Viewty II
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Put away your smudgycams and break out your wallets, LG’s Viewty II has been given the full studio photo treatment as part of an unveiling at LG’s official blog. Dubbed the Smart, the GC900 is just 12.4 mm thick (under a half-inch), packing a 3-inch touchscreen on its face and of course that 8 megapixel

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Flash site: LG Prada phone II
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LG KF900, aka LG Prada II, the fashionable phone officially announced more than one month ago, is now ready to be commercialized across Europe. LG has launched a microsite for the Prada II, where users can not only see the accessories the handset comes with, but they can also download a wide range of wallpapers.

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Emporio Armani Samsung Mobile Phone
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Looks like LG and Prada are not the only companies have cross-industry collaboration, Emporio Armani and Samsung are now also introducing their newest cooperated phone. The site is not complete ready yet, but it has a short intro teaser to watch. The phone will be released this November with both black and white motifs.

Flash site: LG Mobile
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I was searching for a new touchscreen cellphone for my friend yesterday. I ended up discovering this LG Mobile site. This flash site presents LG’s phones very well. Each phone has its individual microsite and different from each other. The music is intuitive and interfaces are user-friendly.