Valve is finally coming to Mac
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t’s apparently true: Steam is coming to Mac. Not just Steam, though. Judging by these awesome teasers released by Valve, so are Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2 AND Left 4 Dead. [Source: GizModo]

50 Custom Mac Desktop Screenshots
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With just a few tools and additional apps there are all sorts of cool things you can do to create a more custom look and feel to your Mac Desktop and operating system. [Source: Outlaw]

Commercial: Mac’s Counterattack to Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter
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Mac always has better ads and genius responses to Microsoft’s strategies.

Customized Star Trek Desktop for Mac
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A Lifehacker reader has submitted a pretty badass Star Trek: The Next Generation desktop for Mac. It syncs with iTunes, iCal, weather, and your Star Trek underoos. However, it will be very lame without touchscreen… [Source: GizModo]

Why the Windows 7 Taskbar Beats Mac OS X’s Dock…
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That’s because the “superbar”—as the taskbar is known by developers—jerks taskbar functionality in a new direction. It’s no longer merely a window manager—just a place to manage open windows and by proxy, open applications. It’s now a bona fide application launcher. More than that, it blends the two in ways that will remind many of

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Bean Counter
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Spotlight turns to notebooks and cinema display
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Apple once again approved their product design team is the best among the industries. The new lines of Apple notebooks look gorgeous and beautiful although the prices are still a bit high. The conference is still going on right now as they are discussing the future plans. Steve Jobs also jokes about his health condition

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