Collection of Amazing 3D Robots
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Title says all : )

50 Awesome Robots
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In this post you can find a bunch of different bots: cute ones, fighters, high-tech or grungy. I hope everyone will find a favorite. Don’t forget to share your robot in a comment! [Source: abduzeedo]

Japan Building Another Gigantic Robot: Tetsujin
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We knew this day would come. Japan builds one giant robot and, like a first taste of heroin, the country follows a destructive path of building opulent robo statues until there’s a 60-foot robot for every man, woman and child. Now that the Gundam is complete, Kobe’s Wakamatsu Park is next on the list to

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Giant Beetle Robot
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A retired engineer spend 11 years making this giant beetle robot. Highlights: 1:00 is the awakening/mating dance; 4:10 the cockpit tour; and 7:20 the climactic march.

Spykee VOX
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All this and more in the Spykee series designed by CR. This particular entry is about Spykee VOX, who obeys your commands by voice or remote. It can move around, play music (with a connected iPod), remotely control other electronics, show human emotion (or maybe just robot emotion) with it’s face-lights. [Source: YankoDesign] [Designer: Cedric

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