Samsung’s 3-D TV
9 years ago 0 0 650

Samsung’s 3-D LED TVs take over a city in this U.K. spot from CHI &  Partners. Large flat-screens are strategically stacked and positioned all over town. [Source: AdFreak]

Samsung “Wonder-full”
9 years ago 0 0 685

Dubbed “Wonder-full”, the spot is the first of Samsung’s 2010 “Dedicated to Wonder” campaign that features a family of three who, on a visit to an aquarium, conduct the improbable feat of slicing out a large cube of water, fish intact, lashing it to the roof of their car and driving it home, where the

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Samsung “A Guide To Taking Better Pictures”
9 years ago 0 0 533

Ever feel distrustful of someone whose social-network profile-pic pose is exaggerated or contrived? Well, your skepticism is justified, according to this Samsung promotional video, in which monsters work the angles to look more presentable on Facebook and MySpace. [Source: AdFreak]

Samsung NFL “In It”
9 years ago 0 0 604

NFL Players break out of Samsung LED televisions with a fusion of live-action and illustration, intensifying football action for viewers.

Samsung Ultra-Thin TV w/ Sweet Wi-Fi Video Touchscreen Remote
9 years ago 0 0 481

The brushed-aluminum LED-lit C9000 is not just the handsomest slender TV at the show, it comes with the most innovative Wi-Fi remote control—one that looks suspiciously like an iPhone and feels suspiciously like a Samsung phone. Why a Wi-Fi video remote? So you can watch a Blu-ray on your TV while checking out the game

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Flash site: Samsung – Jet
9 years ago 0 0 657

A beautiful detailed promotional site for Samsung “Jet” mobile phone. Luv the layout of this site and animation for each feature.

Samsung’s Holographic Product Announcement
9 years ago 0 0 507

At the announcement of their new superfast Jet phone, Samsung used used Project Natal-esque holographic gestures for effect. The Jet seems cool, but we just want to hear more about the holographic gimmickry! Designed by Korean firm D’strict, the tech is a combination of infrared motion sensing and 3D imagery, pretty much like Microsoft’s Project

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Flash site: Samsung – Player Star
9 years ago 0 0 626

Nicely done flash site with beautiful photos and smooth animation. Luv the UIs and detailed explanations of each functionality.

Samsung’s Fancy Blu-ray Player
9 years ago 0 0 734

Its glossy black finish and polished Darth Vader design makes Samsung’s newest Blu-ray box, the BD-P4600, stand out from every other player on the market. Well, it actually doesn’t stand anywhere at all — it comes with the metal brackets to mount it on a wall or plant it on a desktop pedestal. And like

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Flash site: Samsung ST50
9 years ago 0 0 650

Beautiful flash site with “heavy” Japanese web design style. I guess Japanese web design really represents and influences the Asian market. Luv the 3D rotating function that reveals every details of the camera and not-so-annoy background music. Great site overall!

Flash site: Armani Samsung Mobile
10 years ago 0 0 666

This flash site uses lots videos and most of them can be interacted by a mouse or webcam. The loading time is a little bit slow but worth the wait. The phone looks pretty cool in the dark but features are just ok.

Samsung: #1 Seller of Flat Panels in America
10 years ago 0 0 479

Samsung. They’re still on top, leading the US flat panel market with 20% of the market share. But Sony, who used to be in second place, has been pushed to third. The culprit? Vizio. Here’s how the flat panel television market looked as of Q4 2008: 20.2% – Samsung 14.3% – Vizio 13.5% – Sony

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Samsung OMNIA HD
10 years ago 0 0 662

Samsung is working hard to up the ante on cellphone camera resolution. But forget digital cameras. With their 8MP Omnia HD, they’re going after camcorders. The new Omnia HD features a 3.7-inch (360×640) screen, HSUPA, GPS, Bluetooth and either 8 or 16GB of storage along with an additional MicroSDHC slot. But what’s more exciting about

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Samsung P3 PMP
10 years ago 0 0 752

Samsung’s P3 has been official in other parts of the globe for awhile now, but the outfit has decided to wait until CES to make it so here in the States. As anticipated, the PMP arrives with its “evolutionary” EmoTure user interface, 4/8/16/32GB of internal storage, haptic feedback, a 3-inch WQVGA display, DNSe 3.0 sound

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Flash site: Samsung MP3 Player “Q1”
10 years ago 0 0 921

Here is the promotional site for the new Samsung MP3 Player Q1. It uses American cartoon style comic theme and it has the best intergrated Flip-E-Book I have ever seen. Each individual sections is unique and interactive. Take some time to load but it’s one of the best flash site of 2008!!

Flash site: Samsung Music
10 years ago 0 0 798

Samsung also aims to share the pie of music phone category with Nokia. The site is very clean and elegant with smooth interactivities. Users can create their own sound tracks by interacting with many sound elements.