Flash site: Sony PIIQ
8 years ago 0 1 851

PIIQ is Sony’s newly-created brand fo headphones. We created a site that lets the product speak for itself in a nakedly authetic way – with a color – forward, what-you-see-iswhat-you-get interactive video showcase.

Sony TX7 feat. Taylor Swift
8 years ago 0 0 589

Sony makes it easy to capture all your friends in one shot. Even if you have millions. Introducing the new Sony Cyber-shot cameras with iSweep Panorama mode. Just press the shutter and shoot the scene with a sweeping motion. The camera does the rest, capturing the whole scene easily. Beautifully.

Sony “Eye Candy”
9 years ago 0 0 597

This project was created to show off SONY’s new HD television systems and is being broadcast in SONY stores everywhere.

Sony: Make.Believe, GT5
9 years ago 0 0 1075

“Make.Believe. Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make it real.” Advertising Agency: 180LA, USA [Source: Ads of the World]

Flash site: Sony Japan
9 years ago 0 0 691

Wonderfully done flash site with breathtaking user interface and smooth 3D interactions. Really matches the message that Sony would like to deliver: 3D era is coming!!

Flash site: Walkman Story
9 years ago 0 0 672

Experience all the unique values of new Sony Walkman and get to know its history.

Concept: PSP Phone
9 years ago 0 0 1038

The rumor itself is very vague: Nikkei says it will directly compete with the iPhone, and that a project team was set up last July to start working on the console/phone hybrid. So basically, it’s the same rumor we’ve been hearing for years, except this time from a reliable source. Whether it’s got any truth

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Sony Retro-Looking Fuel Cell Battery
10 years ago 0 0 967

Sony’s new concepts for fuel cell batteries come in some interesting flavors, like these speakers-with 70s transistor radio look-that can recharge your phone or multimedia player. [Source: GizModo]

Sony adds four new PSP “Carnival Colors” to worship
10 years ago 0 0 618

In a sudden retch of pigmentation, Sony just spat out the “Carnival Colors” collection of PSPs. Starting March 5th in Japan, the new colors matched with a 2200mAh battery will set you back a tax-inclusive price of ¥19,800 (about $223). Otherwise, you can drop ¥24,800 (about $279) for the 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark2),

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PlayStation Home Hacked?
10 years ago 0 0 672

Well, that was fast. A poster by the name of StreetskaterFU has outlined what he claims is a method of hacking into PlayStation Home’s servers for download, uploading and deleting files. We’re not able to verify his directions, but if true it would be a potentially calamitous oversight on Sony’s part. Additionally, a PS3hax forum

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My Cubicle~
10 years ago 0 1 1702

Just bought Sony T700 camera, so I will start posting some of my own photos from now on. Here is how my cubicle looks like. Spending almost 1/4 of my weekly time here. Yeah…I am bloggin and chatting. Happy Friday!!

Flash site: PSP
10 years ago 0 0 723

These 3D animated characters really enhance the user experience for this website. They are cute, techy and fun to watch. Backgound music also matches the whole theme. This site promotes the PSP and its add-ons perfectly! Makes me wanna get one 2~

Citroen GT Concept
10 years ago 0 0 799

Citroen, together with the makers of the Sony Playstation game Gran Turismo, has created a new GT concept car, simply named that ‘GTbyCitroen,’ which the carmaker will display on its stands at the Paris Motor Show this week. The concept was developed as part of the promotion for the 5th title in the long-running Playstation

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Sony new Vaio AW laptop series
10 years ago 0 0 688

Confirming to Pocket-lint that the new models will see an official UK release at the end of the month the new AW series, branded as the “Super-Notebook” by the company, will come with a mammoth 18.4-inch screen. Using the same blacklighting technique as its BRAVIA LCD televisions, the laptop, which will no doubt be hefty

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Sony CyberShot T500 records HD movies!
10 years ago 0 0 587

Sony is introducing their newest digital camera: Sony CyberShot T500. It has 10.1 effective megapixel and records MPEG4 AVC/H.264, HD movies 1280×720 pixels at 30fps. T500 also features gorgeous 3.5-inch wide Clear Photo LCD Plus with touchscreen. Sony is really pushing the limit of digital cameras!