Super Astonishing Illustrations by Guo-Shau
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This is the portfolio of a talented artist from Taiwan: Guo-Shau Chung, also known as “cushart” on deviantart. Guo-Shau Chung has good drawing skills, his work blends expression and innocence with the beauty of the daily life. [Source: zeemp]

Mao Bao Dishwashing Liquid: Spoons
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“Mao Bao liquid dishwash with dahlia essence.” Advertising Agency: Bates 141, Taiwan [Source: I Believe in Advertising]

Filter017 from Taiwan!!
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Filter017 was created by Enzo, Wen, and Nick since 2004. Their team consists of Mixed Sauce & Wonder Work + 99% passion towards creation. They infuse unique graphics into all kinds of design. [Source: Flickr]

Flash site: JL Design
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JL Design is Taiwan-based visual advertising agency. Their new site is pretty and elegant and their works are impressive as well.

Taiwan Technology: ITRI’s folding TFT-EPD display
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While everyone wants their gadgets, particularly smartphones, to become smaller and smaller we paradoxically want the screens to get bigger and bigger. That’s why so much R&D money is spent on wearable, folding, projecting, swiveling, and rollable displays: there’s a gold mine to be had by the first to offer a solution with mass-market appeal.

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蕭敬騰 (Jam) – Blues MV
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Jam is now my favorite Taiwanese singer and his rock-style voice is very easy recognized. “Blues” is the 6th mv of his album. There are two versions of this music video. This one is the Vampire version and the other one is the Live version. Gotta start practicing now!!