Zune HD is official, heading your way this Fall
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That’s right folks, the Zune HD is real, and it’s coming this Fall. Microsoft officially announced the next iteration in their Zune line today, making it less of a tripped out pipe dream, and more of a totally tubular reality. The specs, which look exactly like that leak we saw, go like this: 3.3-inch, 480

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Microsoft XYZ
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Team Xbox claims to have sources inside Microsoft who are working on a new device that “sits somewhere in-between the Xbox and Zune platforms.” Whether or not this device is the fabled “Pink” Zune Phone is unclear, but Team Xbox is pretty sure that the device they’ve heard about lacks a phone. Codenamed the “xYz”

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Microsoft next-gen Zune is still “on track”
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Given just how shaky the economy as a whole has been of late, Microsoft’s sour news in relation to the Zune isn’t quite as shocking as it might be otherwise. That said, plenty of outlets publicly voiced their concern for the future of the line, but now Microsoft has hit back with assurance that everything’s

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Flash site: Zune Journey
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A cool flash site that promotes the new Zune throughout an animated journey. Very creative idea and the journey is tripping!!

Zune 3.0 Preview
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Zune 3.0’s more visual take on a Genius-like auto-generating playlist, as well as some videos showing the new Wi-Fi features like Buy From FM on the device itself. Today some more interface shots of what Microsoft will help turn the Zune guy back have surfaced for you perusal. [Source: GizModo]